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Twin Peaks
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Twin Peaks community. Discuss, inform, trade materials... as long as it's Twin Peaks related ~ it's probably allowed.

That being said ~ the Moderator reserves the right to remove any post.


Please be respectful. No flaming. If you have a problem with a person or transaction, please take it up with them through their livejournal or email. Not in this community. If you have been stiffed... please inform the moderator. Repeat offenses will make me ban you.

The moderator reserves the right to ban anyone if any problem arises.

You must register to trade here.

Auctions are allowed to be advertised -- as long as it's appropriate. And only once. Please no reminders for the end of the auction.

If you post pictures, please use an LJ cut.

If your info is long, please use an LJ cut.

If you would like to trade, please make a list of what you have to trade. Some examples::

old videos, cds, merch or dvds you want to get rid of.

Cool collectibles that you make yourself.

The Moderator reserves the right to change the rules as issues come up.

Have fun! Be respectful!